Dresses or garments

Half the personality of a person comprises his/her garments, says a Tamil proverb. The Bible teaches about clothes, both physical and spiritual.
1) Glorious garment: God created Adam and Eve in His own image. They were clothed with glory or light. (Psalms 104:2; Matthew 17:2)
2) Naked: They lost their glory when they committed sin. (Romans 3:23)
3) Fig leaves: Adam and Eve, attempting to hide their nakedness, both spiritual and physical. It was a poor choice, as it could cause itches, even though they were intelligent enough to sew the leaves.
4) Skin clothes: God sacrificed an animal for atonement and gave the skin of the animal for them as clothing. (Hebrew 9:22)
4) Polluted garments: As Adam and Eve tried fig leaves clothing, people continued to do what they think as righteous deeds. Such deeds are filthy garments. (Isaiah 64:6)
5) Grave clothes: Lazarus was dead and buried, when the Lord called him out, he rose from the dead. Yet, he was bound by burial clothes. In the same way, some believers have life but are bound by traditions, culture, and rituals. (John 11)
6) Wedding Garment: In the parable of Wedding, three invitations went out. The first two for those who were specially invited. They refused, hence the master sent invitations wider and brought people in. They had to be provided with garments, making them worthy to enter. However, one was found without a wedding garment, he was thrown out. (Matthew 22:1-14)
8) Garment of Salvation: Those who come to Lord Jesus Christ in repentance and faith will be clothed with the garment of salvation. (Isaiah 61:10)
9) Robe of righteousness: God bestows upon the people who are redeemed with the robe of righteousness. They do the good deeds of righteousness. (Revelation 19:8)
10) Garment of Praise: Sack cloth was a sign of sorrow, grief, humiliation, repentance, and fasting. (Jonah 3:6; Esther 4:1) Garment of praise is opposite of that – joy, peace. God’s people filled with gratitude or clothes with garments of praise. (Isaiah 61:3)
Do I always wear the garment of salvation, righteousness, and praise?