Smart Fools do not prepare!

Benjamin Franklin said: “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” Planning and preparing are essential aspects of life. More people fail rather than plan. In the Parable of Ten Virgins, half of the delegation failed to plan and prepare. (Matthew 25:1-13)
1) Right place: All the ten virgins were at the right place, where the bridegroom was supposed to come.
2) Right time: All of them were on time to receive the bridegroom. In fact, they were punctual and were not delayed. Indeed, they were awake when the announcement was made about the arrival of the bridegroom.
3) Right company: Ten virgins were together. They had good fellowship. Their relationship was strong that the five had the audacity to ask for oil from the five who had enough oil.
4) Right equipment: The important equipment or tool they should carry was a lamp. The foolish virgins also had the lamp. They had even some residue of oil that was flickering and were able to trim also.
5) Right purpose: The purpose for which they were gathered was special. The Ten virgins were chosen ahead to be present to receive the bridegroom.
The virgins became foolish because they failed in one aspect: Preparation. The difference between the wise and foolish was: Preparation. First, they failed to check if they had enough oil for the whole night if the bridegroom’s arrival was delayed. Second, probably, they forgot or neglected to take additional oil with them. Third, were they ashamed to carry an additional can of oil? Four, Surely, they had money to purchase the oil, so they left searching for dealers or shopkeepers in the middle of night. Five, they were also aware of the places from where they could buy. Yet, they failed to plan, prepare, and buy in advance. Six, in fact, they were smart enough and managed to get oil during late hours and returned. Seven, alas the doors were shut. Did they bang their heads or doors or both?
Am I wise or smart but foolish?