Paradigm for Giving

Giving is not a natural phenomenon. Most people would like to hoard, not give. People will curse those who hoard in the time of scarcity, while blessing those who sell or distribute. (Proverbs 11:26) Christian giving is based on Gratitude towards God, and generosity towards others. There are clear principles for giving taught in the Bible by Paul. (I Corinthians 16:1-4; II Corinthians 9)
1) Periodic giving: It will be wise to give periodically. Monthly for salaried people, quarterly or yearly for business people, seasonal for farmers and so on. Those who earn daily could set apart each day and give it once a week or month.
2) Plan for giving: Long-term giving should have a clear plan. For example, sponsoring education of a child must be planned and help should be during appropriate times. Should it be determined for one academic year or few years or until the student completes a certain level of education?
3) Proportionate giving: God commanded that tithe should be given according to Law. In the New Testament, Lord Jesus taught that a disciple’s righteousness should exceed that of Pharisees. If Pharisees give ten percent, disciples should joyfully give more than ten percent. (Matthew 5:20) Lord commended the old woman who gave despite her poverty, while others gave from their surplus. (Mark 12:44)
4) Private giving: Lord advised that even the left hand should not know what the right hand is giving. Those who give should not blow their own trumpets. (Matthew 6: 2-4)
5) Plentiful giving: God’s grace has been manifested in our lives, that demands generosity from us. Generous and lavish giving should be the mark of disciples.
6) Pure giving: Giving is for the glory of God. There should not be business motives as many prosperity preachers preach to expect one hundredfold returns and bonuses for their giving as returns, misquoting Mark 10:30.
7) Praise, cheers giving: God loves cheerful giving. In fact, giving should fill our hearts with praise and joy. Because God is using us as His channel to bless others.
Is my exercising gracious and joyful giving?