Good friends but miserable comforters

Job went through immense suffering, which was unusual, and is enigmatic to understand. It was wonderful for Job to have some good friends. Eliphaz, Bildad and Zophar were living in different places. (Job 2:11-13) Nevertheless, they made an appointment to come together to meet Job. When they were far off, they could not recognize Job. The boils have disfigured his face. Job himself was sitting with sackcloth and ashes. Elihu was another friend who was also present. There were some good traits that could be imitated and there were others that should not be practised.
1) Presence: The three friends came to be with him when he was in distress. It was indeed a sacrifice that they had to spend their time and money to be with Job.
2) Mourn: They mourned with him. It is Christian value to mourn with those who mourn. (Romans 12:15)
3) Encouragement: They came with a purpose to encourage and comfort him.
4) Identified: They sat down with him on the ground. Thus, they identified with his agony and distress.
5) Silence: for seven days and nights, they kept silent. Seven days were the mourning time for the dead. (Genesis 50:10; I Samuel 31:13) It was appropriate to mourn for the dead sons and daughters of Job.
However, when they began to speak, they ended up being miserable friends. Their presence was good, but their thoughts, reasons and words were not beneficial to Job.
1) Proverbs of ashes: The philosophies, principles, and policies they spoke about were just like proverbs of ashes. (Job 13:12)
2) Clay fortress: Their argument that Job had sinned, was like a fortress of clay. (Job 13:12) Unreasonable logic without evidence was not worthy of defence in court of law also.
3) Worthless physicians: Like physicians who do not observe symptoms correctly, diagnose appropriately and prescribe medicine foolishly, Job friends are worthless. (Job 13:4)
4) Miserable comforters: As counsellors they could not touch the heart or emotions of Job. They excelled in intellectual gymnastics, but could not satisfy Job, thus became miserable comforters. (Job 16:2)
Am I a miserable friend?