Birthday Musings

It is a miracle to be alive and healthy after completing 61 years on this planet earth.

A Spiritual Journey
God enabled me to be on the spiritual journey on this earth, where biblical saints called themselves as: poor, needy, strangers and pilgrims embracing in faith the Heavenly City designed, and built by God. (Hebrews 11:10) The Biblical GPS makes the path clear and destination sure. I thank God for He has chosen me before the Foundation of the world. (Ephesians 1:4-6)

Family in Journey
In this faith journey, family is important. God gave Rosia Selvi as the life partner who is a co-traveler and pilgrim. Grateful to God for Hosanna, who had already reached the destination ahead of us. She will be there to welcome us, when we reach or accompany Him in His Glorious coming.

New Member in the Journey
I am grateful to God for our son Thambos, Dr. Sayali, our daughter-in-law who was blessed with a son. Zeke Leviticus, the new member, and God enabled me to see my grandson and who is part of the celebration today.

Even in this journey we need havens though temporary. God blessed us that we could have an apartment, a small one. The bank loan has been repaid.

Though afflicted by tuberculosis thrice, passing through valleys of death a few times, living with borrowed eyes are all part of the vessel of clay. It is a miracle God brought me out of chronic illness, some considered as progressive and irreversible, like Diabetes, high cholesterol, and thyroid. Almost for a year, I could be healthy without medicines for these diseases. Sadly, many friends and colleagues younger than me have completed their life journey. However, gracious God has added days to my life. I consider each day as a bonus and am grateful.

God has appointed us to be His ambassadors, specially in the arenas of Teaching, Training and Writing. God has enabled thousands to become ardent students of the bible through Community Bible Study. It is God’s grace that the fruits of ministry are evident and could see the results. He is the one who makes the increase.

Unprofitable Servant
As Lord commanded I would say: ‘We are unworthy servants;[e] we have only done what was our duty.’’ (Luke 17:10) As Paul says, I will run to complete the race knowing Him and His Promise, Love, Power to sustain me. (I Corinthians 9: 24)

Thank you for your love, prayers and wishes.
J.N. Manokaran