Blessed are the poor

Lord Jesus taught that the blessed are poor as they shall inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. (Matthew 5: 3) There are many kinds of poor people. Generally, the privileged wish that the poor are not seen or heard; Bartimaeus was silenced as he was poor and blind. (Mark 6:48)
Materially poor: Many people are destitute, very poor, desperate, and sometimes starve.
Spiritually poor, are those who do not know Lord Jesus Christ. They are misled, exploited, oppressed, and killed by religious leaders. Lord Jesus called them thieves and robbers. They deceitfully led them astray or forcefully looted their life. (John 10: 8,10)
Mentally poor: People who do not know, education. Numerous people do not know how to read and write. Hence, they listen to others, who may not guide them on the right path. Many are deprived of truth because of mental blindness caused by Satan. (II Corinthians 4:4)
Physically poor: There are many who are chronically ill. Others are handicapped or disabled.
Psychologically poor: People who do not have appropriate self-image and self-esteem. In fact, they are unable to accept themselves. In their imagination they are not beautiful or handsome; poor; not talented; not intelligent; have no skills; no friends; no resources; no one to help…etc. They consider themselves useless, and unwanted and commit suicide.
Emotionally poor: These people are sad, and depressed and feel like victims of circumstances. They have a sense of loss but are unable to know what their loss is. Joy and peace are missing ingredients in their lives.
Socially poor: People who are without friends, connections, and references. People in society, place them in the lower rung of the hierarchy like members of lower castes. The lower the hierarchy, the fewer the friends or people who could help them.
Politically poor: People who do not have citizenship status in a country. They could be refugees and live as slaves or undocumented migrants. There are others, who are ill-treated as second-class citizens.
God provides dignity to the poor.
Am I grateful for the heavenly inheritance?