I am the Door

In the olden days, the pen or enclosure for sheep had circular fencing in the open fields with one door. The shepherd is the door, he lays his body across. (John 10:9)
The door of Hope: Humans throughout history saw misery, violence, death, toil, oppression, starvation, and diseases. There was only hopelessness and darkness. The Holy and Most exalted name of Lord Jesus Christ inspires hope.
The door of reconciliation: Access to the Garden of Eden was denied to Adam and Eve. The Fall created an unfathomable gap and irredeemable status for humans. Lord Jesus Christ by His incarnation, death, and resurrection paved a way for reconciliation with God. (II Corinthians 5:11-21)
The door of freedom: Satan-imposed blindness is cured by the gospel. (II Corinthians 4:4) People living in spiritual darkness will get the freedom to walk in the light. (Matthew 4:16) Those who live under the slavery of sin are liberated. The door of freedom gives victory over the Second death. (Revelation 21:8)
The door of dreams: The karma limits a person into a box and can never escape to desire or aspire for anything. However, the Spirit of God enables a person to see visions and dreams. (Joel 2:28) Old, young, servants and servant maids can dream of a great life of joy and peace.
The door of provision: The heavenly Father feeds all the birds of the air and clothes the grass of the field. He knows, has the resources, and joyfully provides the needs of His children. (Matthew 6: 25-33)
The door of protection: There is sorcery or divination against the people of God. (Numbers 23:23) Lord has promised to protect His children as the apple of his eye. (Deuteronomy 32:10; Psalms 17:8)
Door to enter Eternal life: Those who come to the Lord in faith shall be saved. (John 10:9) They shall be saved from sin, slavery, the second death, and hell. The eternal life Lord provides is to live with Him in Heaven forever. One who has the Son of God has life eternal. (I John 5:12)
Have I entered the door, do I invite others too?