Unworthy soldiers!

The tribe of Ephraim was one of the larger tribes that broke away and was almost considered the symbol of rebellion, disloyalty, backsliding, and apostasy. “The Ephraimites, armed with the bow, turned back on the day of battle.” (Psalms 78:9) Asaph laments that they were mentally and spiritually unprepared for the battle.
Arena: The Ephraimites were in the arena of battle but did not fight.
Armed: The Ephraimites were armed or equipped to face the battle. Indeed, they had the skills to use the weapons.
Ammunition: They had the ammunition of arrows to attack the enemies. Probably the arrows were sharp and even poison-tipped as lethal weapons.
Day of battle: There could be four possibilities: they fled before the battle began or just as the battle began or saw the first injury/casualty or calculated that it would be a prolonged battle.
Turned back: Instead of moving forward, they ran from the battle. Even before they could shoot the first arrow.
Covenant of God: As the children of Israel, under Joshua were defeated in Ai for violation of the covenant of the Lord, the Ephraimites could not stand before their enemies.
Spiritual Conflicts: All disciples are engaged in spiritual conflict against Satan and his armies. They ought to be prepared, agile, equipped, and prepared through fervent prayers. (Ephesians 6:10-18)
Unprepared mind: The unprepared mind of Ephraimites was the result of the sin of forgetfulness. They forgot their God, His covenant, His Word, His Promises, His works, and His will for them. It did not mean they did not know the facts or history of the Lord’s dealing with them; they did not apply the truth, and lessons learned to their day-to-day lives.
Teach: Asaph wanted His people to teach their children, grandchildren, and descendants the faithfulness of the Lord and also caution them about the waywardness and forgetfulness of their forefathers. (Psalms 78:5-8) The intention is that the descendants do not repeat the same unfaithfulness.
Chocolate soldiers: George Bernard Shaw dubbed good-looking soldiers in uniform who are not fit for fighting.
Am I an inactive chocolate soldier?