Blowing your own trumpet

Recently, one evangelist claimed that a prominent politician along with his family – daughter and son-in-law have become disciples of Lord Jesus Christ. The very next day the politician gave a press statement denying that he had converted to be a Christian. Similar episodes happened earlier also.

1) Honour Privacy: When Nicodemus wanted to meet Lord Jesus Christ at night, He was willing and had a wonderful conversation with him. (John 3) Lord Jesus respected his privacy and secrecy. Lord Jesus never told his disciples or Pharisees or public with a triumphal attitude. Many a times, He told them not to tell anyone. (Mark 7:36)

2) Seeking earthly rewards: Why should an evangelist announce it with trumpets? (Matthew 6:2) Either the evangelist desires popularity or donors to support his ministry. Or he wanted to get more advantage and invitations in comparison with other evangelists. Hence, he has received the reward here and now and will not receive any reward or recognition in heaven.

3) Hypocrisy: Lord Jesus warned against hypocrisy. People blow their own trumpet to announce that they are good, generous and gracious towards others. This performance statement or self-assessment is not authentic or genuine. Instead of appearing to be an effective evangelist, should focus on doing effective ministry.

4) Inviting persecution: When the social and political context is not favourable for ministry, it would bring unwarranted media attention towards Christian ministries.

5) Example of Philip: God used Philip in a mighty way in Samaria. Yet, God led him to a desert road, where he met the Finance Minister of Ethiopia who was reading the book of Isaiah riding his chariot. Philip explained the passage and the Ethiopian finance minister took the baptism. Immediately after that Philip disappeared from the scene as the Spirit of God took him away. God did not want Philip to ask for funds from him or make big advertisements bringing him back to the Jerusalem church. (Acts 8: 26-40)

It is dangerous to rob the glory that belongs to God.

Do I have the habit of blowing my own trumpet?