Brutality and ruthlessness

A father brutally kills his own daughter, as she wants to get married to a boy, a colleague, who is from another caste. Such news has become the norm today. Paul warned with prophetic clarity, that in the Last Days, people will be extremely brutal and ruthless, without natural love. (II Timothy 3:3) Conversation with the father by a psychologist unfolds the thought pattern of a brutal parent.
I am God: The man thinks he is God to his daughter. As a father, he only gave her life, so he assumes he is God of his children. The Bible teaches that children are gifts from the Lord. (Psalms 127:3) God is the creator of each child. (Psalm 139:14)
Love me: As a father he was dominating, dictating, and directing every aspect of life. This was resented by his children, including the girl who was murdered. However, he demanded that his daughter love him. Sadly, love cannot be demanded. Love is a response to love. God first loved us, sent His Son for us, and hence calls humanity to repent, love and serve Him. (I John 4:19)
Obey me: As father and self-styled god, he assumed all his diktats should be obeyed, without dissent or resistance by his children. Obedience cannot be coaxed from freedom loving humans. The Bible teaches humans could obey God only when they love God. (John 14:15)
Serve me: Sadly, as a self-serving father, he wanted his daughter to serve him, his interests, his desires, his cause, and his purpose. He denied and deprived his own daughter of desires or dreams or aspirations. She did not have an independent existence apart from him.
Make my name great: As an honor conscious father in a ‘honor and shame’ culture, expected his children to bring honor or respect to him. In other words, should make his name great according to cultural parameters. By rejecting the choice of the father, and choosing her own bridegroom, his daughter sullied his name.
Judge: There was no remorse in his heart as he assumed he was the judge to give the death sentence.
Am I holy in these Last Days?