Cannot Serve Two Masters

Some IT companies terminated the services of some employees. The reason was that they were Moonlighting secretly. The term Moonlighting means taking up a second job, apart from the primary job, without the knowledge of the employer. Sometimes, the moonlighting job could be for a competitor in the market. The IT company bosses were clear to state that they cannot serve two companies. Lord Jesus Christ also warned his disciples that they cannot serve two masters: God and Mammon. (Luke 16:13)

Disguised Satan
In the world, Satan functions strategically. He does not offer or show himself as an alternative to God. He uses other things in the world, and he hides behind them. Mammon or wealth or riches is his favorite one. He personifies himself in such forms. When people are given a choice, they mostly make the wrong choice. The love of money is the root of all evil, hence a dangerous death trap. (I Timothy 6:10)

Loyal to both?
It is not possible to be loyal or devoted to both at the same time. Priorities are determined according to supreme loyalties. Dividing priorities or time or energy between two competing entities is not possible. A disciple is expected to have the Kingdom of God as his/her priority. (Matthew 6:33)

Love and hate
Trying to serve two masters, ends in disaster. That person will end up loving one and hating another. Wanting to please both, could not do justice to both. Hence, will end up loving one and hating another. In this context loving the mammon becomes a natural choice as the result seems to be immediate and provides gratification.

Service could be freedom or tyranny. Knowing and Serving God is true freedom. Serving mammon is to be under tyranny, oppression, and exploitation. Serving Satan who is disguised as Wealth or Mammon means choosing Eternal death or Second death, i.e. hell.

If an IT company cannot allow its workers to serve two companies, how would God allow his people to serve Him and Satan?

Do I serve God or Mammon?