March 2023

Great Thing or Strange Thing? 

There are ten major generic classifications according to the Dewey Decimal Classification system used in libraries. Some are computer, history and geography, philosophy, religion, arts, literature…etc. These ten are subdivided into numerous sections. Some people would love to spend all their time in the library reading, learning, thinking, analyzing, and writing. Each person has preferences

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Joseph and Dreams

Interestingly, the life of Joseph revolved around his dreams. (Genesis 37, 39,40,41) Dreamer emerges: God chose Joseph among his siblings and revealed his life purpose through dreams. When Joseph shared his dreams with his parents and brothers, he was rebuked by his father and envied by his brothers. Dreamer attacked: Joseph’s brothers thought they could

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Widow in a Wedding

Widows are considered an ill omen in several cultures. They are accused in some cultures as demons who eat up or swallow their husbands. There were times in India when Sati was practiced, the widows were burnt alive when their husband’s cremation happened. After the Law against Sati was passed, the widows were allowed to

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Extortion or Bribe?

One young couple was arrested on the charges of conversion. They were harassed in the police station, though there was no written complaint. Police refused to show a written complaint and identify the complainant. After spending the whole day in custody, they were tired and exhausted. Then the police officer said that he could help

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Exiled in this world

People are conscious of their safety, security, and survival. Many concerned people prepare for emergencies like personal health emergencies, survival amid a natural disaster, accident…etc. Preventive measures and adequate precautions are better than solving a crisis. Ezekiel’s baggage: God commanded the prophet Ezekiel to prepare baggage for exile. (Ezekiel 12:7) In ancient times, the captives

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