Joseph and Dreams

Interestingly, the life of Joseph revolved around his dreams. (Genesis 37, 39,40,41)
Dreamer emerges: God chose Joseph among his siblings and revealed his life purpose through dreams. When Joseph shared his dreams with his parents and brothers, he was rebuked by his father and envied by his brothers.
Dreamer attacked: Joseph’s brothers thought they could destroy the dream by killing the dreamer. They were foolish not to understand that the giver of the dream will also fulfill the dream. He was sold as a slave and ended up in the house of Potiphar. It was God’s amazing providence that he landed up in a place, where God could take him to fulfill God’s purpose in his life.
Dream job: For a slave, working in Potiphar’s house, that too as a manager of the whole estate was a real dream job. He commanded vast human resources, treasury, and stores. His master trusted him and was pleased with his excellent management and integrity.
Dream shattered: For Potiphar’s wife, Joseph was a ‘dream boy.’ Some scholars think that Potiphar was a eunuch, and his wife wanted a surrogate father. She tried to seduce and trap Joseph. When he refused, she became bitter and ended his career. He was thrown into prison without any fair trial.
Dreams interpreted: In prison, Joseph interpreted the dreams of two prisoners who earlier served in Pharaoh’s palace. Joseph rightly interpreted the dream: the baker was executed, while the cupbearer or chef was reinstated.
Dreamer forgotten: Joseph pleaded with the man to intercede on his behalf with Pharoah and help him go home. However, that person forgot about Joseph for a full two years.
Dreamer remembered: God warned Pharaoh through two dreams. No one could give the interpretations of the dreams. Then the cupbearer remembered Joseph and told Pharaoh. Immediately, Joseph was summoned to Pharoah’s presence.
Dream implemented: Joseph interpreted the dream and found favor in the eyes of Pharaoh. He was tasked to implement preventive measures to avert starvation, food riots, and famine deaths. God used him to persevere Israel as a Nation.
Do I have a vision from God?