Widow in a Wedding

Widows are considered an ill omen in several cultures. They are accused in some cultures as demons who eat up or swallow their husbands. There were times in India when Sati was practiced, the widows were burnt alive when their husband’s cremation happened. After the Law against Sati was passed, the widows were allowed to live, with easily identifiable dress and symbols, without dignity or rights. They could exist with families like an unseen slave or go and live in some homes for widows. Even today, widows are not welcome in auspicious functions like a wedding.
Wedding at Cana: Lord Jesus Christ performed his first miracle of changing the water in wine in Cana. (John 2:1-11) According to John, the miracle was a sign that testifies that Lord Jesus was the Messiah.
Significant presence: Mary was present at the wedding and the couple had invited Lord Jesus and his disciples too. Though she was a widow, was invited to be present at the wedding and was taking an active part in that function. Today, it is sad to see even Christian widows being marginalized and ostracized.
Insider: Mary was also an insider at the wedding. She knew what was happening in the ceremony and the feast. The family secret could become a shame for the couple, and the family was known to her. The wine that should be served to guests was over.
Intercede: Mary interceded to Lord Jesus Christ to intervene and solve this problem. Though a widow, she was taking an active part in the wedding.
Instruction to servants: Mary was also able to command the servants. She instructed the servants to obey or carry out the instructions given by Lord Jesus Christ. That shows her standing in the family and community function of a wedding ceremony.
True spirituality: Apostle James writes that true spirituality is exhibited in treating widows and orphans with dignity, and honor and providing for their needs. (James 1:27) Probably, the first social work that the church was involved in was providing for the needs of widows. (Acts 6:1)
Do I have the right attitude based on Scripture?