Turning the other Cheek?

Kuldeep Singh was born in a Rajput family in Rajasthan. Along with his job as a Customs officer, he was a volunteer with a right-wing organization teaching and training young people in the physical drill, to make them proud of their culture, heritage, and ancient religion. In the same village, one family was serving as a missionary. Kuldeep Singh was angry about this development, the first day he met K.J. John, he gave him a tight slap. After two days, he slapped again, and two more times within a matter of ten days. He slapped him again for the fifth time, and that very day he fell sick. His nose was bleeding and was unable to eat or drink anything. The investigation result was, his left lung had become useless, eaten by tuberculosis.
The doctor assured him that he should be alright by taking medicine. However, for seventeen days, he was unable to eat or drink, and the nose bleeding did not stop. He died in the hospital around 3 AM. His body was brought home and placed on a mat as the corpse is not laid on a cot. John used to get up around 5 AM for prayer. One person said: “Your enemy (Kuldeep) is dead.” John replied: “I have no enemies.” He rushed to Kuldeep’s home and started praying, tears rolling down his cheeks, after getting permission from his wife. In a few minutes, people noticed movements in Kuldeep’s left index finger, then the next finger. In a few minutes, he was alive. The very next Sunday he started attending worship service by John and became a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ and now serves as a pastor.
No enemy: Lord Jesus Christ taught against revenge and vengeance. Instead, he asked his disciples to turn the other cheek. (Matthew 5:39) John was slapped five times but did not retaliate. John refused to consider Kuldeep as his enemy.
Forgive and Pray: John forgave Kuldeep for slapping him five times. With amazing humility and faith, John prayed for Kuldeep who was dead. (Matthew 5:44) Lord performed a miracle.
Am I willing to suffer for Christ?