Extortion or Bribe?

One young couple was arrested on the charges of conversion. They were harassed in the police station, though there was no written complaint. Police refused to show a written complaint and identify the complainant. After spending the whole day in custody, they were tired and exhausted. Then the police officer said that he could help them to get out of the situation. He explained if the case goes to court, they have to engage a lawyer, paying a huge fee. There would be several trips to court also. The police officer suggested that they should give a certain amount and he would let them go free. It was like holding the gun on the head and demanding to empty the pockets.
Tips: This is given as a goodwill gift expressing gratitude, during festivals to people like postmen, electricity line men, phone line men, watchmen…etc.
Mamool: This is given regularly and is a fixed amount. It is protection money given to police or local thugs. If not given, there would be repercussions.
Speed-money: This is given to make the file move from one desk to another. There may be a three or four-step process. Each step happens on one desk. Then the file stands there. An office assistant will take it to the next desk only when he gets money.
Extortion or blackmail: This is done, even when a person has not committed any offense or crime. As in the case study, where a young couple was extorted for not doing any crime, but on the pretext of violation of the law.
Bribe for a favor: When there are four equally qualified people for a vacancy, the appointing authority could bid for the highest amount and appoint that person.
Bribe to escape: A person has violated traffic and is to be fined. However, the person pays a lesser amount to the police and escapes.
Victim: Taking a bribe is a sin of covetousness and deprives people of justice. (Exodus 23:8) Giving a bribe to cover unrighteousness or illegal things is a sin. When extorted, we are victims.
Do I guard against the sin of covetousness?