Frustrated Righteous People?

There was an unruly, unrighteous thug who used to harass a pastor. He endured patiently, but he lost his patience once. When he was preaching, the man created a ruckus. Calling the thug from the stage, he said: “Come to the stage. We will have a wrestling match, one who wins will preach from this stage.” Yes, when the wicked continuously and consistently oppress a missionary, he could respond like that in frustration. “For the scepter of wickedness shall not rest on the land allotted to the righteous, lest the righteous stretch out their hands to do wrong.” (Psalms 125:3)
Scepter of God: Not only the people of God, but the whole world is also under His sovereign rule and authority. The scepter of the wicked is never greater than the scepter of God. Even that mini scepter cannot be willfully used to rule over or overshadow the righteous.
Test for righteous: God does not allow greater temptations that could swallow the people of God. He also provides a way of escape when people who love and serve him are tested.
All for good: Even such temptations and tests are converted by God to bring out good from pain, shame, suffering, and defeat. (Romans 8:28) Evil accusations, harassments, wicked conspiracies, defeats, loss, suffering, pain…all could be used as raw materials by God for bringing out a miracle of good for those who love Him.
Limits set by God: Even to enter animals, demons need permission from God as in the case of Legion. The demons could enter two thousand swine only with Lord Jesus Christ’s permission. (Mark 5:13) Satan was unable to attack Job beyond a certain limit as God had hedged or fenced him. (Job 1:10)
Higher purpose: When there is apparent defeat, setback, or even death for a believer in this world; it is for God’s higher purpose in life. Amy Carmichael who served in India, rescued temple prostitutes, and rehabilitated them. She became bedridden because of an accident. Her bed became the pulpit, from where many books were written.
Am I frustrated? Or Victorious?