What is in a Look?

Eyes are considered the window to the world. It helps us to observe, learn, focus, and see the world. However, the eyes could also lead to sin.
Worldliness: Lust/Desire of eyes, flesh (body), and pride of life are described as principles of worldliness by John. (I John 2:16) What we look for is important. Why or with what intention we look is evaluated and judged by God. A man looking at a woman with evil intentions and fantasies will be judged as an adulterer. (Matthew 5:28)
Casual look: It is not possible to close our eyes and walk in a busy mall. Something or the other could catch the attention of the eyes. It could be a modern gadget, an expensive dress, a boy/girl, food, perfumes…etc. This is unavoidable and unintentional.
Yearning look: The second look could be a yearning or covetous look. The mind starts thinking, as well as the eyes focus on that object. It could happen several times. This is sinking into miry clay.
Possessive look: The possessive look is not an innocent look, but there is a wicked intention behind that. The person thinks that s/he should be glad to have possession of that object. There is a secret joy, in the very thought of possessing that object.
Envious look: When the object is beyond reach or not possible to possess or unaffordable, the person is gripped with envy.
Haughty look: In Proverbs, a warning is given against haughty looks and proud hearts. (Proverbs 21:4) Haughty look springs out of Pride of life, entitlement mentality.
Lofty look: A person with a superiority complex and a low view of others has this kind of look. They will be brought low. (Isaiah 2:11)
Demeaning look: Instead of treating others with dignity and honor, people are looked down on because they are poor, sick, uneducated, or belong to a lower caste.
Expose and Express: Eyes could expose us to temptations and sin. It can also express the sinfulness of the heart.
Eyes Covenant: Job made a covenant with his eyes, so that he may not sin. (Job 31:1)
Have I made a covenant with my eyes?