Repentance from Dead works

There were a bunch of job seekers. They aspired to get government jobs. One scamster knowing their desire took at least 28 people and were made to stand at different platforms in the New Delhi Railway Station every day for eight hours for a month to count the arrival and departure of trains, counting the number of coaches. (Times of India 20 December 2022) It was informed that they got the job in the Indian Railways and it was part of their training. Only later they realized they were cheated and their money looted.
Dead works: The Bible teaches that the dead works are those that look good apparently, but are done with self-righteous arrogance, an ulterior motive, and sinful intentions. These are dead works because it does not lead to life but to death. (Proverbs 14:12: 16:25) Believers are exhorted to repent from such dead works. (Hebrews 6:1)
No result: Though energy and time were spent by these twenty-eight youngsters, it did not have any profitable or worthy result. Expending energy does not mean work. It is measured by the quality of the result produced. Many would be rejected as wicked workers. (Matthew 7:21-23) They might say: “Lord Lord, and also claim to have done miracles in His name, yet they are rejected.
No purpose: The work done by twenty-eight youngsters did not serve any purpose. It does not add value either to them or to the Railways or the general public. Believers who engage not in the work that edifies them or extends God’s kingdom or results in the public good, perform dead works.
No use: Probably, the young men collected volumes of data. The data they collected is of no use. It is not connected to any plan of the Railways or the government or any institution. It will be thrown out. Believers also could be bad stewards by doing unproductive and unprofitable work.
Repent: God calls believers to repent not only from sin but the sin of performing dead works, and wasting energy, time, and resources given by God.
Have I repented of dead works?