Exiled in this world

People are conscious of their safety, security, and survival. Many concerned people prepare for emergencies like personal health emergencies, survival amid a natural disaster, accident…etc. Preventive measures and adequate precautions are better than solving a crisis.

Ezekiel’s baggage: God commanded the prophet Ezekiel to prepare baggage for exile. (Ezekiel 12:7) In ancient times, the captives were led away in procession from their homeland. They carry large bags made of durable cloth or skin slung over their shoulders. The bag contained bare necessities for survival, salvaged from the ruins of the defeated city.

Survival kits: Mountaineers, adventurers, and army personnel carry survival kits. That would contain food, tools that would help them to do basic things, a torch, knife…etc.

Emergency kits: There are emergency kits like the First Aid Box. This is kept even at home if someone needs emergency medical help. During natural disasters, and pandemics, such kits become helpful for survival.

Punishment: However, prophet Ezekiel had to demonstrate to the Nation of Judah, God’s judgment that is about to come upon them. The Nation of Judah would be defeated, and the people will be taken as captives carrying the baggage to a faraway nation.

Uprooted: The Bible states because of the wickedness of people, a land would vomit its inhabitants. (Leviticus 18:24-28) The original people who lived in the Promised Land sinned against God, they were uprooted. God settled the Nation of Israel in that very land. Now, as the Nation of Judah continues to sin against God, they will go into exile.

Babylonian Captivity: The Nation of Judah chose to love and serve foreign gods. The appropriate punishment for the Nation is to go into exile to serve the foreign kings and emperors. The Nation of Judah went into Babylonian captivity for seventy years.

Exiles in this world: The disciples of Lord Jesus Christ are called to live as exiles, strangers, and pilgrims in this world, a prophetic parable to the world, as we belong to His Kingdom. (I Chronicles 29:15) Our bag has Love, Faith, and Hope.

Is my life a prophetic parable to this world?