Blind Faith of Israelite

The Ten Commandments forbids idol worship or creating a representation of God. Sadly, the Children of Israel changed The Ark of Covenant and even the Temple at Jerusalem as the objects of their faith, which became blind faith based on assumptions.
War equipment? The Israelites were fighting against the Philistines. The Ark of Covenant was in the Holy of Holies of the tabernacle and could be seen only by the High Priest. However, the Israelites brought it as a strategic weapon into the waterfront. “Let us bring the ark of the covenant of the Lord here from Shiloh, that it may come among us and save us from the power of our enemies.” (I Samuel 4:3) Sadly, they were defeated, the two wicked sons of Priest Eli were killed and the Ark of Covenant was confiscated by Philistine.
Temple invincible? Israelites assumed that the City of Jerusalem was invincible as the Temple of God was there. Because of idol worship, pride, and wrong belief, the city would be defeated. (Ezekiel 24:21-26) Four assumptions of Children of Israel were wrong.
Pride of Power: First, the Israelites thought that the Temple was the Pride of their invincible, undefeatable, and unfailing power. Ezekiel warned Israel that their protection is being obedient to the Lord, fulfilling His requirements of Law.
Delight of eyes: Second, the magnificent Temple that Solomon built was a delight for those who saw it. For the Children of Israel, it was a lovely place.
Yearning of soul: Third, they yearned or longed to visit the Temple. Some others wanted to spend all their life in the vicinity of the Temple. For many, it was a ritualistic or sentimental, or emotional attachment and not a spiritual desire to be reconciled with God.
Glory: Four, the Temple was the Glory of Israel: A symbol of covenant relationship with God, fulfillment of the Promise of God, and celebration of their unique relationship with God.
Holy God: Obsessed with the Temple, they disregarded God and His Law. Their faith shifted from God to the Temple. The sovereign and Holy God does not dwell in structures made by humans. (Acts 7:48)
Is my faith based on assumptions?