Great Thing or Strange Thing? 

There are ten major generic classifications according to the Dewey Decimal Classification system used in libraries. Some are computer, history and geography, philosophy, religion, arts, literature…etc. These ten are subdivided into numerous sections. Some people would love to spend all their time in the library reading, learning, thinking, analyzing, and writing. Each person has preferences or choices. However, God gives humanity only one Book, the Bible which is a great thing. Sadly, the Israelites considered that a strange thing. (Hosea 8:12), from the eternal perspective, all books in the library are a strange thing, giving knowledge but cannot lead them to light or Eternal Life and Hope.
Science: Some are excited about the science that they research a particular subject and get as much information as possible. For example, they may study Planet Mars and become experts. However, sadly many do not realize how God created the world, and science helps only to understand less than one percent of any subject.
Literature: Generally, literature is the commentary of society and also the aspirations of people. They are depressing and disappointing as literature fails to give eternal hope.
Philosophy: In search of mysteries of life, philosophers are lost in the maze of thoughts. Many become like the proverbial ‘absent-minded professor.’ Sometimes, they behave like zombies.
Self-help: There is a never-ending production of self-help books: How to become rich? How to be successful? How to become powerful or influential? How to live a long healthy life? Sometimes, these authors contradict one another. Those who seek self-help, miss the Great help – Grace, which is a gift from God. Without humility, grace cannot be received.
Digital games: Some visit libraries just to play digital games. With the advent of smartphones, people can play on their phones. To get better games, they go to public places where there is a digital games library. The virtual wins and feel-good factor disappear or make people addicted to these games.
God speaks: Today, as in history, God speaks through the Bible.
Do I listen to the Great truths of the Bible?