Looking unto Lord Jesus Christ

Looking unto Lord Jesus Christ could be also mentioned as fixing eyes or focusing or concentrating on Him. (Hebrews 12:2) The eyes locked on to him. The Christian life is a pilgrimage with an eternal destination and unshakeable focus on our Master Lord Jesus Christ.
Look away: Looking unto Jesus means to look away from everything else. First, the runner should not gaze at the gallery of the cloud of witnesses. There would be great personalities who would be cheerleaders but need not look towards them for inspiration or motivation. Second, s/he should not look at the weights or other dangerous and deadly distractions. Third, s/he should not focus with envy on other runners.
Originator and finisher: Lord Jesus is not only the author and finisher of faith; as Paul writes that he has started the work and will bring it to a conclusion. (Philippians 1:6) Lord Jesus is on the starting line, in the race, and on the finishing line. His provision of grace is beyond comprehension and his faithfulness is beyond description.
Joy and Glory: Lord Jesus could focus beyond the cross, the joy and glory. (Hebrew 12:2-3) The same mentality is needed for the disciples. Lord Jesus endured the cross for the sake of the good or rescued, redeemed, reconciled, and restored sinners.
Spirit of Glory: Shame is one of the painful tortures. Shame is always despised, yet the Lord endured through it to victory. Lord Jesus bore shame as was ridiculed about his birth, accused as chief of demons, mocked as a blasphemer, beaten, crowned with thorns, and hung on the cross. Lord Jesus was glorified after suffering and shame. Lord scorned the shame heaped on him. All believers would be glorified in His presence forever. The shame is shamed, as the Spirit of Glory was in Christ and us. (I Peter 4:14)
Suffering: Cross, the suffering precedes the glory. Enduring suffering on this earth, a believer foresees incomparable glory throughout eternity. (Romans 8:18)
Do I have my eyes fixed upon Lord Jesus?