Celebration of Integrity!

“Moses was faithful in all God’s house as a servant.’ (Hebrews 3:5) Like Moses, Rev. David Matthew was faithful in serving God in Madurai region. He was hard working visiting as shepherd in his old bicycle. The offerings collected in the various churches were handed over to sextant or church secretary. His son Jebaraj joined first year in American College. As a young man Jebaraj D.G. wanted motor bike and pocket money, which his father could not afford. He used to talk back to dad stating, he did not know how to enjoy life and killer of joy of his college life too.
Jebaraj could not forget a scene: An early morning door knock woke the pastor out of his sleep. The catechist at the door with red eyes said, “Iyah (Sir!) You know my son is studying his final year, I just received a telegram informing of his death and am taking the next bus to bring back the body. But before I leave, let me confess… my catechist salary was not enough to provide for my son’s college fees, hence I helped myself from the church offertory to pay the fees. Now I have all the money, but my son is dead and gone. I seek God’s forgiveness…please officiate my son’s funeral service.”
The father David said to his son: “With my pastor’s salary, I may not be able to give any pocket money but will do my best to give you the best education. By doing unethical things, I don’t want to do anything that will affect you! I want to see you alive and live well. Tell me, what should I do?!” Teary eyed, Jebaraj sought apology. Jebaraj life was being transformed that evening! He learned to be content in all situations, and stood as a witness without bowing to ‘peer pressure’ in his college.
Integrity, honestly, transparency and diligence are values that is exhibited in Christian witness.