Challenge of life

There are many modern-day challenges that becomes popular through social media. Ice bucket Challenge was one such, in which a person is filmed as a bucket of ice water is poured on his head. This kind of challenges are encouraged for raising funds for non-profit organizations. The idea is to encourage people to do an act of challenge, and it is shown as which results in good. Of course, these challenges results in some good for beneficiaries and a ‘feel good’ factor for those who participate.

However, Lord Jesus Christ gave a tremendous challenge that is forever relevant. “Take up your cross and follow me.” (Luke 9:23) This is a great call for all humanity. This unique challenge that is accepted by any person drastically and dramatically changes a person.
1) Challenge of life: This challenge is not one-time challenge, in fact is life-long challenge. It does not end in few seconds and does not make a person popular. Lord Jesus demands our total lifelong commitment.
2) Change of life: When we accept Lord’s challenge, our life is changed for good. First, life has purpose that we exist for glory of God. Life has meaning as we are like as light to the world and salt of earth. Life is celebration as we move towards our eternal destination of Heaven.
3) Custom-designed cross: Lord graciously provides us a challenge that is custom-designed cross. Each person is provided a ‘cross’ that is ‘light’ and not beyond capacity of that person. (Matthew 11:28)
4) Christlikeness: The challenge Lord provides leads us into the highest aspiration: to become like Christ himself. Following Lord Jesus means to grow in His attributes like love, holiness, peace, justice, righteousness…etc.

Have you taken up this challenge of taking up your cross?