Choose not to be hurt

There is a plant termed as Mimosa Pudica, whose leaves when touched, shrinks. Children wait for the leaves to become normal and then again touch it. There are also people who are hypersensitive or touchy or oversensitive. The reason could be, they were unloved while growing up or deceived by those whom they trusted and lost their loved ones. Bitterness or resentment or unable to forgive could be reasons for such behaviour. On the other extreme there are ‘stone deaf,’ or insensitive to others needs, sufferings, cries.
Criticism: Some people are hypersensitive to criticism. They have a wrong idea that they are perfect, always right, and even if they commit a mistake, it is their privilege to do like that.
Expectation: In fact, they are weak in their emotional aspect of life. They seek more than normal desire for love, attention, and respect. When people do not bestow their expectations, they are annoyed and irritated.
Imagination: Such people’s imagination runs wild. Others are always against them, or speak against them. They refuse to give the ‘benefit of doubt,’ to others.
Hurt: Because they perceive that some normal or natural thing was a motivated or conspired act against them, they are hurt. Small things could hurt them enormously.
Broken relationships: Sadly, such people have very few friends who could really understand and are willing to ignore their tantrums.
Danger: Such people are in danger of being alienated and withdrawing like a tortoise into the shell. It will become difficult to bring them to normalcy.
Wisdom: God is gracious to transform such people who could easily be offended, hurt and feel neglected. They should seek wisdom from God that is peaceable. (James 3:17)
Care givers: They need people who could lovingly deal with them and firm to lead them to new life. Such people should be dealt with love, and tolerance. (Colossians 3:12; Ephesians 4:2)
Lord Jesus chose not to be hurt. He was criticized, mocked, spit upon, beaten, whipped and crucified by his own created humanity and chosen people. Instead, he chose to forgive.
Do I choose not to be hurt?