Christian life as a drink offering

Drink Offerings were part of burnt and grain offerings, both during the morning and evening sacrifices. (Exodus 29:40) The quantity and quality of wine to be used in various sacrifices have been listed. (Numbers 15: 4-10; 28:7) Offering blood as a drink was forbidden by God. (Psalms 16:4; 106:37-38) Drink offerings are mentioned with the feasts of First Fruits, Pentecost and Tabernacles. (Leviticus 23:13; 18; 37) The drink offerings were poured out near the altar on the Temple Mount, where they fell down into a subterranean cavern, in fulfillment of the Scripture. (Numbers 28:7)
1) First drink offering: Jacob was the first to offer a drink offering. (Genesis 35:14) Jacob offered drink offering after God worked in his life to transform him. He had to learn God’s call, he couldn’t grab the blessings, make peace with Laban and Esau, and wrestle to receive blessing and new name. Jacob’s prayer was answered when he came back from his exile in Laban’s home. Jacob has returned to the House of God, offering a drink offering.
2) David’s men: David’s men loved him so much that they risked their lives to bring water from Bethlehem. The three men broke the Philistines camp and went to Bethlehem and brought the water that David longed for. But David did not drink saying that it was the blood of the three men since they had risked their lives. (I Chronicles 11:15-19) Some commentators consider Jashobeam, Eleazar and Shammah as the three men (II Samuel 23:25)
3) Expensive perfume: A woman came to Lord Jesus and broke a perfume bottle that was worth three hundred denarii (one year salary) to anoint Him. (Matthew 26:7; John 12:5) Others were indignant, Lord Jesus said it was done for his burial. This is also like a drink offering.
4) Paul’s life: Paul writes that he has poured out his life as a ‘drink offering’ unto the Lord. (Philippians 2:17; II Timothy 4:6) He also uses the term ‘living sacrifice’ to indicate the complete surrender to the Lord.
Is my life a drink offering unto the Lord?