Prophetic confrontation

When Nathan confronted King David regarding the sin of adultery and murder, David received the message, repented, and was renewed. (II Samuel 12: 1-13) However, when John the Baptist confronts Herod regarding his adultery, instigated by his mistress Herod beheaded John. (Mark 6: 14-29)
Prophets are called by God to confront evil, wickedness and injustice. Prophets were no respecter of persons – kings, priests, officials, all are equal before God. Likewise, in a democracy, media plays the role of a prophet. The Freedom of Press is to speak on behalf of the voiceless, represent moral values, social values, righteousness and truth. Fearless media personnel like prophets could be received well as Nathan was by David or face immense suffering including death similar to John the Baptist. Nevertheless, there were always false prophets who promoted themselves by approving what is evil. They condemn themselves by approving evil and suppressing truth. (Romans 14:22) Today the media and the church is filled with false prophets.
1) Receive: We must develop an attitude of receiving such messages with gratitude like David. God sends warnings through his prophets or teachers or social activists or politicians or intellectuals for the church and the nation.
2) Review: The message should be evaluated or examined with the right spirit and positive attitude. Self- Introspection is essential even if there is one percent truth in such a message.
3) Repent: David was humble to repent and ask forgiveness from the Lord and accepted the consequences of his sin. One of the consequences was that the son born in an adulterous relationship would die.
4) Renew: Then we can start our life afresh. No need to be under depression or guilt feeling. God forgives and gives us new opportunities. In the new future, care should be taken not to repeat those foolish sins.
Messengers of truth could become victims, but their message cannot be killed. Those who fight with those messengers are indeed fighting with God. We have to be thankful to God for few true prophetic journalists who stand truth even in the mass and social media.
How do I respond to unpleasant messages?