Church the Body of Christ

There are many metaphors in the Bible for the Church: The Body of Christ, the Bride of Christ, the Family of God, and the Temple of God. Lord Jesus Christ is the Head, and the Church is His Body. (I Corinthians 12:26-31; Romans 12:5) According to scientists there are many systems in the body including The Skeleton system, The Nervous system, The Blood circulatory system, The Digestive system, The immune system…etc.
The bones and muscles-Apostles: The Apostles lay the foundation of the church by teaching, training, pioneering, expanding, and exploring new regions. As the skeleton gives the structure, the Apostles provide structure for the church. Apostles are visionaries: they have the vision of God, the vision of God’s holiness, and the vision of God’s plan.
The Nervous system – Prophets: They are prophetic voices, exhorting, counseling, rebuking, and correcting people that they steadfastly walk in holiness. Also, they proclaim God’s standards, expectations, and righteousness; condemn and confront unrighteousness. John the Baptist condemned Herod, while Nathan condemned David for adultery. (Luke 3:19; II Samuel 12)
The digestive system-evangelists: The Church exists for a mission; every believer has one life purpose: to make disciples. All members of the Body of Christ ought to proclaim, make disciples, and invite sheep outside the fold to come inside. Using relevant, contextual, and contemporary methods to reach people has to evolve for each generation.
The Circulatory System – pastors and teachers: There are many images of leadership in the bible, the most significant one is the shepherd. Pastors should Feed, Guide, Clean, Protect, and Comfort the sheep. They take nourishment to all cells in the body. Teaching the whole counsel of God, the edify the people of God.
The Immune System-Healing: Today all people need Spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, and psychological healing.
The Communication System – Tell and Listen: The Church must reach the unreached by telling the truth to the world. At the same time listen to the voice of God; Listen to whispers of people to effectively minister and listen to the groaning of people oppressed by Satan.
Am I a live member of the Body of Christ or dead and amputated?