Confusion of vision?

A young man wanted to be engaged in the mission but was confused as there were so many different voices, contradicting one another. There is an interesting story in that a few blind men wanted to see an elephant. Each has an opportunity to touch and feel only a part of it. According to their experience, each one described an elephant as a wall, rope, pillar…etc. In the same way, missions described by leaders today confuse people.

Local church mission: There are pastors who proclaim their church is the ultimate mission. They teach that there is no mission apart from their particular local church.

Evangelists/prophets: With powerful Public Relationship (PR) exercises, propaganda material, sales executives, popular endorsements, and dynamic websites; they portray they are the only chosen ambassador of God for this generation. Hence, they demand resources: money, volunteers, and services to boost their work.

Mission Agencies: There are mission agencies that focus on their own work in the Northern part of India. Apart from their agency, others practically do not exist. Mission through them alone pleases God.

Social work: There are other non-government agencies run by Christians doing great humanitarian work. They say: “Preach the gospel, use words if necessary.” For them, social work is morally superior to preaching the gospel.

Market Place Mission: Few others condemn full-time ministers and state that all should be involved in missions. They do not see any need for full-time missionaries or pastors. The mission for them should happen in Market Places.

Meaningful Mission: Bible teaches that all ought to be witnesses right from their homes, hometowns, workplaces, travel places, and the uttermost part of the world. (Acts 1:8) Witness is accompanied by the preaching of the gospel in all seasons. (II Timothy 4:2) The purpose of the witness is to make disciples of all people in the world. (Matthew 28:18-20) The disciples form communities called churches. The disciples ought to be equipped by the local churches so that they could be involved in every good work (social work, social action, social justice) in their sphere of influence including the marketplace. (II Timothy 3:17)

What is my vision for the mission?