Spiritual journey

Lord Jesus Christ taught a parable to explain persistent prayer. (Luke 11:5-8) This parable has three characters: A guest who traveled and reached the home of a friend; a host who received the traveling friend but did not have food to offer him; a benefactor who graciously gave the host to serve his guest. All begin our spiritual journey as guests, become hosts, and mature into benefactors.
Guest: The guest traveled and was weary and seeking a place to rest and refresh. He remembers his friend who was on his way near his destination. Probably his GPS showed him the way, but its estimate of time was wrong. He reached around midnight, which was not an ideal time to visit a friend. His friend must have been surprised to see his friend’s unannounced arrival. Many in the world are weary travelers, seeking truth. Believers could invite those heavily laden to find rest in Lord Jesus Christ. (Matthew 11: 28-30)
Host: The host was willing to receive his friend even at midnight. He could have simply refused to open the door or respond. His willingness shows his goodness and eagerness to sacrificially help others. However, he lacked the resources to serve his guest. It was shameful to allow the guest to sleep on an empty stomach. This host was willing to suffer shame, by going to the house of a benefactor. Believers ought to be alert to such opportunities. Even when they do not have resources, they could serve those seekers to lead them to light. The host quickly assessed the need for three loaves, went to the house of the benefactor, and woke him up.
Benefactor: The benefactor was reluctant to wake up as he will wake up his wife and children in the one-room house. Yet, he was gracious not only to give what all the host needed: Probably, three or more loaves with butter, jam, and eggs.
Moving forward: All of us begin like a guest, but soon should become hosts to invite others and benefactors for hosts too.
Am I a guest or a host or a benefactor?