Covenant as bait?

Dinah, the daughter of Leah and Jacob, was violated by Shechem (the son of Hamor, the prince of the land) and he wanted to marry her. (Genesis 34) When Hamor came to speak on behalf of his son Shechem and was willing to pay any bride-price. Jacob did not make a decision until his sons came. However, sons of Jacob deceitfully asked the men of Shechem to become like them, i.e., be circumcised, which was the symbol of the Sacred Covenant of the children of Israel with Jehovah. It was not just a ritual or tradition but a covenant. The men agreed as convinced by Hamor and Shechem and were circumcised. Nevertheless, brothers of Dinah, Simeon and Levi attacked the city while all men were in pain because of circumcision, looted their wealth, homes, little ones and all that were in the houses. The sacred symbol of covenant was abused as a weapon of violence, vengeance, and war.
Circumcision was placed as bait for these people stating that they can intermarry and trade. Hamor and Shechem convinced their people by stating: “Won’t all their livestock and everything else they own be ours?” (Genesis 34:23) These people were deceived but also, they sinned as they aspired for prosperity and possessions to fulfil their covetousness by agreeing to circumcision. They did not know Jehovah as God, or his attributes, his requirements; hence did not have faith on him. It is not just Hamor coveting and committing sexual sin with Dinah, the whole town were coveting the wealth of the children of Israel. The sacred sacrament became a shortcut for fulfilling their greedy desires. Religion without personal God, Holy God or faith will be empty and wicked.
Spiritual gifts, sacred calling, prayers and many aspects of spiritual life are being commercialized and commoditized today in Christian world. Many transgress the New Covenant by partaking in the Holy Communion, without faith and knowing Lord Jesus Christ. Let us heed this warning, examine ourselves and repent.
Do I understand and value the sacredness of the New Covenant?