Creative boy

Five or six boys would form play a game of train. The first boy would behave like engine and the next boy would catch hold of the shirt of him. However, one boy did not have shirt, but wanted to join but could not. He was clever, and he had a green kerchief. He offered to play the role of guard, waving his green kerchief. The boys accepted him in the group. Though he did not have a shirt, he had mind to think creatively and got himself included in the game. Creativity is God’s gift to human beings. God the creator created human being in His own image. Hence, creativity is one of the vital characteristics of humans. The global civilization is outcome of the creativity that includes artistic abilities, scientific invention and nature discovery.

Samson was surrounded by Philistines. The Spirit of God descended upon him. God gave him creative idea to use fresh jawbone as weapon to defeat his enemies. “And he found a fresh jawbone of a donkey, and put out his hand and took it, and with it he struck 1,000 men.” (Judges 15:15)
David to confront Goliath, did not choose standard weapons of war. Instead, he took sling with which he was comfortable and hit the giant with a pebble. Goliath did not expect pebble to be used as weapon against him. Creativity of David was gift of God. (I Samuel 17)

Gideon and his three hundred men took torches hidden in earthen jar, trumpet, and a sword each. The soldiers just imitated Gideon and then Midianites were confused and killed each other. (Judges 7) Gideon used creatively to formulate a winning strategy.

God has given all humans the gift of creativity. As children grow, this attitude of curiosity, gift of creativity and pursuit of innovation is curtailed or killed. Very few continue to get opportunity to create and innovate. Yes, they are outliers who accomplish great things.

Do I appreciate and use the gift of creativity?