August 2021

Consecrated priests

Consecrate means to make it holy or dedicate for higher purpose. For example, a building has to be consecrated to become a church. Consecration is human part, while sanctification is God’s part. It simply means to be interested, focused, and concentrated in what God has called us to do. Jacob commanded his family to remove

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Pride of Moab

Scientists state that there are ten million (1 crore) shades of colours derived from basis eleven colours: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, brown, gray, black and white. With computer aided help, these could even be multiplied. The basic eleven cannot be altered. Sin is the basic problem of humanity. It is expressed through

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Prayer for wealth?

One Christian friend received a message from a colleague, who is not a follower of Lord Jesus Christ. The message contained a prayer for wealth. It was somewhat like this: “God our heavenly Father…..I am your child…..grant me wealth….I ask in Jesus name. Amen.” Puzzled, he enquired with his friend about this prayers. That person

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