Promise of One Shepherd!

Leadership in the Bible is referred to as shepherd. God was shepherd of the Nation of Israel; Lord Jesus Christ is the Good Shepherd and David portrays God as his personal shepherd. (John 10; Psalms 23) God expected leaders to be shepherds: teachers, priests, prophets, community leaders, judges, and kings. However, the leaders failed to keep up the high standards of shepherdship. Prophet Ezekiel condemns such shepherds. (Ezekiel 34) They serve as warnings to all of us who are called to serve within our family, community, church, society, or nation.
1) Self-feeding shepherds: Woe to shepherd who feed themselves. They look for fat sheep, eat from flock do not feed flock. (Ezekiel 34: 1-4) That means they were exploiting people: politicians through taxes, religious leaders increasing burden of rituals, businesspeople increasing margin of profit, charging exorbitant interests.
2) Did not serve: Shepherds did not strengthen, heal, bound, brought back and search. Leaders did not empower citizens, religious leaders did not equip the laity, priests did not counsel and provide spiritual healing. It is essential to bring sheep back as they are prone to wander. (Isaiah 53:6) It could be moral or emotional or spiritual wanderings.
3) Lorded over them: Instead of sharing, caring, and serving sheep, shepherds were lording over them. Peter warned against this attitude and behaviour. (I Peter 5:3) Shepherds used force and cruelty, and selfishly used them for their luxury, comfort, and power.
4) Scattered: The result was the sheep scattered, became food for wild beasts. Scared of shepherds they ran away to be devoured by wild animals.
Since all human leaders are with weakness, they fail repeatedly. Hence, Lord himself will be the shepherd: feed, strengthen, heal, bound, brought back and search. (Ezekiel 34:11-16) Yes, Lord Jesus Christ is the Good Shepherd, Great Shepherd and Chief Shepherd. (John 10: 11, I Peter 5:4, Hebrews 13:20) All should grow into the likeness of the Good Shepherd. Human leaders (shepherds) are fragile, imperfect, and hence, no one should be considered infallible or make them celebrities.
Do I grow in the likeness of Good Shepherd?