Prayer for wealth?

One Christian friend received a message from a colleague, who is not a follower of Lord Jesus Christ. The message contained a prayer for wealth. It was somewhat like this: “God our heavenly Father…..I am your child…..grant me wealth….I ask in Jesus name. Amen.” Puzzled, he enquired with his friend about this prayers. That person said: “This is a prayer I received from a Christian website. I use it every day and in fact took a print and have hanged in my home as well as office. Soon I will become super rich because this prayer is powerful.” For this wealth seeking man, it was like a tool (mantra) to get rich fast. Sadly, that rich seeking man did not have any idea about God or gospel or Lord Jesus Christ.
1) Did not know God: The man was addressing prayer to the Father, whom he does not know. He was just repeating a prayer word by word without understanding the meaning. Without knowledge of God or His requirements, he expects to become rich.
2) Had no relationship: Though he addressed God as Father, he had no relationship with Him. Without inviting Lord in his life, he had no right to call upon God as Father. (John 1:12; Romans 8:15)
3) Focus on prayer words: That man focus was few words which he perceived as words of power or magic to bring miraculously wealth.
4) Focus on wealth: The man’s desire was wealth. He did not long for relationship with God or know the truth or seek righteousness. For him life purpose was becoming rich, enjoying life of comfort or luxury.
There are many false teachers who create such prayers that is misunderstood and misused by many. Sadly, there are numerous Christ followers like this wealth pursuing man. They have converted meaningful conversation with God (Prayer) into a ritual or mantra or tool to get their wishes fulfilled.
Do I celebrate my relationship with God from which flows prayers?