Covenant and deception

That was an arranged marriage. The bridegroom home did not provide all true information. There was an understanding that bridegroom owns some land in his own village and a house. The bride’s household went ahead for the wedding. After six months there was fight between husband and wife. The husband had no property at all. Wife felt cheated and it was a conspiracy to land her whole family in shame. She could never forgive her husband. Later, they divorced. Sadly, one advocate suggested to her that deception by husband’s household made the marriage covenant null and void.
Deception is bad and evil. However, breaking a covenant cannot be advocated. Laban deceived Jacob by giving Leah instead of Rachael. There was no talk of declaring that marriage as ‘null and void’. Yes, Jacob was hurt, but reconciled to the peculiar situation and took care of both wives and children. Of course, he was partial that he favoured Rachael more than Leah.
Gibeonites pretended to be travellers from a far-off place and showed as evidence the mouldy provisions, worn out clothes and sandals. Joshua without consulting God made an oath in the Name of Jehovah and executed a covenant or peace treaty with Gibeonites. Unknowingly Joshua makes a blunder as Lord had forbidden to make peace with them. (Deuteronomy 20:16-18) Later they discovered that Gibeonites were neighbours, living within three days walk from them. (Joshua 9:17) The covenant was not broken though it was achieved by deception. The violation of this covenant after four hundred years later by King Saul resulted in famine. King David had to do restitution as demanded by Gibeonites. (II Samuel 21:1-9) God made the Nation of Israel accountable for a covenant made four hundred years, though through deception.
Any treaty or agreement or contract or covenant should be done with earnest intent. Getting all information is required for all parties. When the covenant is completed, there cannot be blame game or retraction. Instead forgiveness and reconciliation should happen.
Do I thoroughly check, before I get into covenant relationship?