Creative Strategy for Service

Mother Teresa did not want her resources to be spent on her flight travels. She requested the airlines for free tickets. Several requests brought NIL responses. Then she offered to serve as Airhostess in the flight sector whenever she had to fly instead of flying as a passenger. Alarmed and ashamed airlines not only granted unlimited air tickets for her but one for her companion in all the routes she had to travel. The ‘near-atheist’ interviewer asked, ‘how did she get such ideas?’ Her answer was, ‘when you pray you get ideas.’ (Taken from Mother Teresa by Navin Chawla)
God gives new ideas, tactics, methods and strategies in different contexts. Amazing ideas have changed the lives of the people and nations in the Bible. Joshua could have a silent procession around Jericho that was intimidated and terrified by this act. (Joshua 6) Gideon did not take traditional weapons of war, instead earthen pots, lamps, trumpets, of course swords. (Judges 7) Samson could convert a jawbone of a donkey to kill one thousand men. (Judges 15;16) Creative idea of using sling as weapon of war against Goliath that brought great victory for the Nation of Israel. (I Samuel 17) Jehoshaphat had the Levites and Priests worshipping the Lord in front of his army. (II Chronicles 20:21) Queen Esther used ‘Dinner Diplomacy’ to defeat the conspiracy of Ethnic Cleansing of the Nation of Israel.
God gives new insights, strategies and methods to fulfil His plan and purpose of God. Sadly, there are too many ministries that are copycat acts. If a person begins a ministry and is successful, all youngsters like to imitate and do the same. It is not only having copycat pastors or evangelists or singers; even organizations, institutions or social welfare projects are photocopies. Instead of waiting on the Lord, these leaders go window shopping or online shopping to download ‘success apps’ from others.
There is a dearth of creative ideas in ministry today.
Do I wait in prayer to get new ideas for my ministry?