Cross as the Centre

Cross is the centre of the world and humanity. Good Friday is an apt time to reflect and meditate on this truth.
1) History of Humanity: The cross divides the history of humanity. All that was before His death and resurrection belongs to the Old Covenant period and all that belongs after is New covenant.
2) Midst of humanity: Literally Lord Jesus Christ was crucified between Jews (religious leaders including Pharisees and others), people from Africa like Cyrene, Roman soldiers; men and women (Mary and others); educated and uneducated, guilt and innocent, those who mocked, hated Him and those who loved Him. The Lord Jesus died for all humanity.
3) Human and Divine voice: At the cross there were many people speaking, mocking, whispering, wailing, and lamenting. There was also a divine voice, the Lord spoke to the Father, which the listeners did not understand. (Matthew 27:46)
4) Mocking and believing: Lord was crucified between two thieves. One was mocking, who was on the left, the other was believing, who was on his right.
5) Mediator or abandoned: Lord Jesus Christ is the mediator between God and men. He represented God’s love and justice to humanity and as a sacrifice to Heavenly Father who bore the wrath of God and tasted death. (Matthew 27: 46-49; Matthew 27:44; Luke 23: 39-41; I Timothy 2:15)
6) Religiosity and spirituality: The religious leaders of Judaism self-congratulated themselves that they had accomplished the work of God by killing Lord Jesus Christ. Ordinary folks like John, Mary, mother of James and the thief on his right could perceive Lord Jesus as Saviour and king. The Captain or Centurion in charge of crucifixion declared that Lord Jesus is the Son of God. (Matthew 27: 54)
7) Human power and God’s power: The human political power was used to kill Lord Jesus Christ the Messiah, but God ordained it to defeat Sin, Death and Satan. Resurrection demonstrated that no power including brute political power could defeat the Lord or His Kingdom or His purpose.
Have I entered the Way created through His body? (Hebrews 10:20)