Crown of Thorns

As kids most of us would have experienced a thorn piercing foot, sometime even through rubber slippers or even shoes while walking in country side. It is sometimes a very prolonged agonizing experience. If one thorn could make us stunned and shocked, how much pain would have been experienced by our Saviour who was compelled to wear a crown of thorns. (Matthew 27:29, John 19:2) It could have been most painful experience for the Lord.
1) Humiliation: The Roman soldiers humiliated Lord Jesus Christ. It was violation of all human values, decency and affront to dignity of Lord.
2) Insult: Roman soldiers wanted to insult the person who claimed to be the ‘King of Jews’. They insulted him by hitting him and clothing him with red robe. Later they added the crown of thorns.
3) Mock: Low ranking Roman soldiers mocked the King of Jews, beat, spit and insulted him. The whole governance system of Roman Empire was mocking him.
4) Suffering: Thorns and thistles came to existence because of fall of humans. (Genesis 3:17-18) Roman soldiers without realizing took the object of curse and designed as a crown so that Lord could redeem us from curse. (Galatians 3:13) Humans when they commit sins, their conscience will prick the guilty soul with sharp thorns.
5) Mystic coronation: C. H. Spurgeon terms this as ‘mystic coronation’. The unbelieving soldiers were crowning and bowing before him. The whole world will confess his name and kneel before him for sure.
Lord who endured crown of thorns to crown his people with bounty and abundance of blessings. “You crown the year with your bounty; your wagon tracks overflow with abundance.” (Psalms 65:11) Humanity that is crowned with bounty and abundance of goodness, gave Him a crown of thorns. Ungrateful humanity.
Do I worship the Lord placing all and myself at His feet?