March 2021

Cross Wisdom

Cross is used in ornaments: rings, earrings, pendants…etc. They are beautiful, shining and attractive. There are huge crosses erected over steeples of churches through out the world. This is to give an indication that this building is a Church, where people gather to worship Lord Jesus Christ. In general, cross is considered as a sign […]

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Washing feet

Today, washing feet seems to be a political stunt. Lord Jesus Christ modeled washing feet as a spiritual exercise. First, Ritual washing was practiced by several religions, made it mandatory before devotees and priests enter a sacred place. In the Old Testament, Foot washing was mandatory for priests to go into the temple for service.

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Cross Traditions

One preacher shared an interesting incident. One young man had to travel through thick forest in his vehicle alone. It was late night and he had to stop for a short nap to continue his journey. When he stopped he was scared to death? Born in a Christian family, but without any personal relationship with

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Palm Sunday

Lord Jesus Christ proceeds from Jericho; stops at Bethany further to Jerusalem. (Mathew 21; Mark 11; Luke 19 and John 12.) 1) Preparation: Mary anointed Him with perfume as to prepare for His burial. (John 12:1-11) Second preparation was the donkey and colt was to be brought for his journey. (Matthew 21:2) 2) Prophecy: One

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Worthless things

Smartphones offer us distraction for each minute, provide wholesome distraction experience. Humans have a craving for distraction. Withdrawing from attending certain many things to focus on one thing is attention. Intentionally seeking to listen to one thing amid noises is called listening. Psalmist prayed: Turn my eyes from worthless things. (Psalms 119:37) 1) Prayer: Our

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Lockdown increased online shopping all over the world. We used to get delivery personnel knocking at our door, even though we had not ordered any stuff. Some of the delivery personnel are educated with college degrees and sometimes with MBAs. Yet, they cannot deliver at the right homes. First, they should call the person who

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False Faith

A Christian leader believed that taking medicines is sin and believed in divine healing. He had severe chest pain and was admitted in a hospital, had to undergo bypass surgery. God was gracious that he had successful surgery and was recovering well. His friends from his fellowship did not appreciate this and ridiculed him for

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Labour of Love

There was one young couple doing ministry in a city. An intelligent young man was a truth seeker and had several questions. As he was working in an industry, he could come late to this couple’s home. Many times, he would come hungry, straight from his work. The couple would provide the young man food

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