Worthless things

Smartphones offer us distraction for each minute, provide wholesome distraction experience. Humans have a craving for distraction. Withdrawing from attending certain many things to focus on one thing is attention. Intentionally seeking to listen to one thing amid noises is called listening. Psalmist prayed: Turn my eyes from worthless things. (Psalms 119:37)
1) Prayer: Our helplessness is expressed in this prayer. Overcoming Satan and his strategies is not easy. We need to plead to God for wisdom, grace and power. John warns about lust or desire of eyes, which could mislead a person into deep misery or bottomless pit. (I John 2:15-17) God answers our prayers by providing strength, power and stamina to escape all distractions.
2) Posture: Eyes get distracted easily. It likes to wander. A pop-up in the computer screen distracts eyes. Learning the posture of concentration is essential. Determined not to be distracted by any force instead focus on what is worthy. Right posture means to only look at things that adds value to our life. Questions like: Does this add to my knowledge, or faith, or wealth or experience that would enhance my life on earth or beyond? Does this thing help me to fulfill plan and purpose of God, or move closer to my destination? Taking eyes away from what is worth means to look at worthless things. Moses chose to suffer oppression, value disgrace for Christ as worthy and set aside Pharaoh’s privileges. (Hebrews 11: 25,26)
3) Power: We need wisdom, power and courage to discern, judge and trash worthless things. Some people may have discernment and wisdom, but do not have will power and courage to act upon their knowledge. The lack of boldness is a desire to please people instead of pleasing God. Instead of fear of God they are overwhelmed by fear of people or future or circumstances.
Our life will be meaningless if we pursue worthless things of vanity, temporal joy vainglory, and worldly deceptive riches.
Do I focus on Lord Jesus Christ alone?