False Faith

A Christian leader believed that taking medicines is sin and believed in divine healing. He had severe chest pain and was admitted in a hospital, had to undergo bypass surgery. God was gracious that he had successful surgery and was recovering well. His friends from his fellowship did not appreciate this and ridiculed him for not having ‘faith’ and going behind physicians and surgeons in unbelief. He felt discouraged and gradually he became alright. Then he went to the church after a month. Pastor prophesized that God has given him new heart and he will have strength like that of an ox. That person literally believed that. Next day morning he walked for about one and a half hour, got exhausted, rushed to the hospital, where he died, because of leakage in his heart. Very sad and depressing news for his wife and children.

1) False teaching: There is an erroneous teaching that ‘divine healing’ is the only way to receive healing for disciples of Lord Jesus Christ. Any medicine or medical intervention is rejected by this teaching. Bible states that, God is the healer. (Exodus 15:26) First, God can heal directly. Second, though God uses any system, ultimate healer is God. God has created humans with the capacity to fight diseases called immune system. Third, God provides healing through natural means; conducive climate, natural food, water, rest…etc. Four, God uses medicine, wisdom and skills of medical professionals to heal us. We cannot demand God to heal in a specific way.

2) False prophecy: After the surgery the pastor prophesized that God had given a new heart and strength of ox. Sadly, today there are many so-called prophets who give false promises based on their imagination and blame people for not having enough faith and not working out to fulfill those prophesies.

3) False faith: leader believed ‘blindly’. It was like superstition or blind faith or presumption. Instead of taking precautions after surgery, believing prophecy he thought his heart was perfect and not vulnerable. In presumption he did strenuous work which left him dead.

Do I discern right teaching and have right faith?