Indwelling Spirit of God

Some people have experience demonic possession. These demons absolutely take control of a person using him like a puppet. There was an evil spirit that possessed a boy and tormented him with seizures and throwing him in fire. Lord healed that boy. (Matthew 17:14-118) Another demon-possessed man lived a midst tombs. (Mark 5:1-20) Lord healed him also. Evil Spirit is intimidating, suffocating, coaxing, compelling and pushing a person to do its will and desire.
Sadly, some people foolishly think the Holy Spirit also functions like that of evil spirit, taking possession of a person: dominating, dictating and direction. Many false teachers have misunderstood the third person of Trinity and have misled many away from the true path. Lord Jesus taught: “You know him, for he dwells with you and will be in you.” (John 14:17) It is not possession but indwelling presence. Holy Spirit does not violently take possession of any person. He comes only by invitation. Holy Spirit does not violate or snatch the Free Will gifted to humans. Holy Spirit will not strive or abide with humans, when they are disobedient and rebellious. (Genesis 6:3)
Holy Spirit upgrades, empowers and equips a person to be transformed from within. E. Stanley Jones writes: “He goads us rather than guides us, illuminates rather than invigorates, prods us into activity rather than penetrates all activities – it is from within ‘in’, instead of from within ‘out’.” Yes, the Spirit of God is gentle, polite and courteous. Giving inner confidence, conviction and courage to discern what is right, discover what is true and do His will.
Holy Spirit will never violate Christian principles. Always work in righteousness, truth, love and grace; without violating dignity of a person. Holy Spirit is in reality ‘Comforter’ and not ‘Enforcer.’ (John 14:26) Without the ministry of Holy Spirit a person cannot know Lord Jesus Christ as savior. He continuously indwells preparing us to become like Lord Jesus Christ.
Am I grateful for the ministry of Holy Spirit?