Labour of Love

There was one young couple doing ministry in a city. An intelligent young man was a truth seeker and had several questions. As he was working in an industry, he could come late to this couple’s home. Many times, he would come hungry, straight from his work. The couple would provide the young man food also. After several hours of discussion over several days, he found the Truth in Lord Jesus Christ. Sometimes, the couple felt exhausted physically, emotionally and spiritually; yet the fruit of their labour of love was sweet. That young man shared gospel with many others, along with his work, he planted a church and pastored it.
1) Time sacrifice: Lord Jesus Christ was available for people at midnight or midday according to the need of people. Nicodemus preferred night as he was afraid and ashamed of society. (John 3) As a religious leader and teacher, he was visiting an untrained rabbi would become gossip of the town.
2) Energy Efforts: Lord Jesus Christ took special efforts to meet the Samaritan woman during midday. (John 4) In the hot weather, people avoided traveling during midday. Lord invested his precious time. Even his disciples might have felt it as strange, but Lord was focused on his task rather than worrying about useless gossip.
3) Risked reputation: Lord Jesus was teased and mocked as ‘friend of sinners.’ His reputation was at stake, when he publicly, boldly invited himself to the home of Zacchaeus. As the Jewish society had its own standards, Lord Jesus broke the standards to minister to sinners.
4) Risked health: Lord Jesus Christ touched a leper and healed him. (Luke 4:13) Doctor Luke records this. People used to run away from lepers, Lord took an essential risk and healed him. In mission history also there are many missionaries who risked their lives to serve the sick during times of epidemic like cholera.
God is just to record and reward our labour of love and it can never slip from his memory. (Hebrews 6:10)
Am I ready to invest time for the glory of the Lord?