Blind leading Blind

There are tribal people who are not educated and primitive. Government wanted to help them to build houses. So, they initiated a scheme to provide houses in few villages. However, the government officials were corrupt. They got thump impression of the villagers promising some help but looted the project money. To the government a report of completion of houses for tribal people was submitted. Some activists found this scam and brought it to the notice of the government. Morally blind government officials led intellectually blind tribal people into a pit. “And if the blind lead the blind, both will fall into a pit.” (Matthew 15:14) There are many kinds of blind people: physical, intellectual, spiritual, moral, legal…etc.
There was a man who wanted to find truth and went on a pilgrimage. As he traveled a long distance, he crossed several villages and towns. In each village and town, he would speak to some people sharing his journey. Some people joined him in the journey. Now, he became a leader of this band, who established a brotherhood in Himalayas. This was a blind leader who was not confident about his destination, leading spiritually blind people. There are many cults who are leading people into eternal darkness.
In Mumbai there are many gangs involved in illegal activities. One of them recruits young people to deal with drugs, smuggling and looting from poor urban areas. These young people become criminals, caught and punished by police or die a miserable death. Morally blind leaders, doing illegitimate things in society lead young people to bottomless pit.
There are many scientists who do not believe in God. Unable to understand the complicated designs, in absolute control of Sovereign Almighty Creator God, they deny God’s existence. They are spiritually blind but intellectuals, who mislead many into spiritual ignorance.
Blindness in any form is not safe. Following people who are spiritually or morally or intelligently or emotionally blind is dangerous.
Am I a person with opened eyes and light leading others into light?