Daniel as type of Christ

Daniel was thrown into a lion’s den by the vile conspiracy of envious and wicked colleagues of Daniel in King Darius court. Flattered and tricked by the courtesans Darius had signed an edict that no one could pray for one month to any God, instead pray to him. Even after the order was passed, Daniel as usual prayed, opening his windows towards Jerusalem. He was thrown in the lion’s den but was protected and preserved by the Lord by sending his angel. In this incident Daniel could be portrayed as the Type of Lord Jesus Christ.

1) Accused: Daniel was falsely accused by his colleagues, without evidence. Because they could not find evidence, they found fault in his identity as a believer and his personal spiritual piety. Lord Jesus Christ also was accused by the Jewish leaders without any evidence or reason or basis. Hence, they produced false witnesses.

2) Plotters: The enemies of Daniel were his co-workers, fellow staff in the King’s court. Lord Jesus came to his own people, chosen, the Jewish Nation; however, their religious leaders plotted against Lord Jesus.

3) Condemned: Daniel was condemned though he was innocent, by Darius. He did not sin against God or rebel against the King. Pontius Pilate condemned Jesus knowing that he was innocent. (Luke 23:13-15)

5) Entrance shut: A stone was rolled to close the lion’s den. It was to make sure that Daniel did not escape, or anyone would rescue him.

5) Sealed and secured: The tomb was shut, sealed and security personnel were posted to make sure the body of Lord Jesus Christ was not robbed.

6) Lions did not harm: Power and ferocity of lions could not harm him. Power of death and Satan, a roaring and roaming lion, could not harm him. (Psalms 16:10)

7) Stone rolled away: The stone was sealed on both occasions. Darius commanded the stone to be rolled away. God raised Christ from death that the tomb was empty.
The resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ is the basis of Christian faith.

Do I rejoice in the resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ?