Depravity of Humanity in the Last days

A married woman with two children is separated from her husband. She develops an extramarital affair with a young man. The young man wanted the woman to prove his love for the man. The love for this man should be revealed in her hate towards her former husband and children. He instructed this woman to savagely attack her 18-month-old son. She hit the infant as he was bleeding, she took a video and sent it to her illicit lover. Several such videos were sent, and someone informed the police, and she was arrested. ( dated 30 August 2021) Paul writes that in the Last Days, people will become wicked and do evil things without shame or remorse. Here are some that describes the child abuse event.
1) Lovers of self: As a mother, she did not have natural love and yearning for her own son. Here illicit love was more precious than her own child. When King Solomon ordered for the infant to be killed, the real mother wanted the infant alive. She could be deprived of her privilege of being a mother, but cannot see the infant die. (I Kings 3:16-28) In this news account, the woman was unashamedly selfish.
2) Abusive: She physically abused her son, and even filmed those events as offering to appease her newfound god, lover, who promised marriage.
3) Heartless: Such behaviour shows the heart of the woman was like stone, hardened and stubborn. There was no sympathy or mercy shown to the crying child in pain. Pain, crying, oozing blood did not move the heartless woman.
4) Brutal: She was unimaginably brutal towards her own child, her flesh and blood, an infant who could not even speak up, and helpless or hapless victim of her fury.
5) Unappeasable: The man who demanded loyalty evidence from the woman was not appeasable. He expected the stupid woman to be more brutal, heartless and abusive.
The depravity of humanity has risen to unbearable heights.
Am I watchful to flee from all that is evil?