Priority: To be with them

The disciples went on boat, while Lord Jesus proceeded to pray. After prayer, when he saw the disciples, were straining at the oars as wind was against them. (Mark 6:48) Lord could have stopped the winds from the shore. However, the disciples would not know that the miracle was from the Lord. Instead of doing a miracle from a remote distance, the Lord chose to be with them.
1) Saw the disciples: Lord saw the disciples from afar off. His children are always under his loving watchful eyes. We cannot escape from his sight. Psalmist pleaded with the Lord, that he may not hide His face from him. (Psalms 102:2) We may not be able to see Him, but he sees us.
2) Walk on water: Lord Jesus walked on the water to demonstrate to his disciples, even water was subject to him or he had power over all laws of nature. In our distress, the Lord reveals His power and attributes.
3) Went away? Lord walked but ‘he meant to pass by them.’ (Mark 6:48) He showed as if he would walk away. However, the disciples noticed him but thought he was a ‘ghost’. And they were terrified. Like disciples, we also do not discern the Lord, misunderstand his love, and do not realize his presence.
4) Responding to their cry: As they cried out for deliverance, the Lord spoke to them. “Take heart; it is I. Do not be afraid.” (Mark 6:50) His word gave them peace and confidence. His words always strengthen us in all situations.
5) With them on boat: Lord chose to be with them, Lord Jesus got into the boat, the wind stopped it carried them instantly to the other side. (John 6:21). The Lord values our fellowship more than in displaying his signs and wonders.
Lord’s priority was not just solving the problem or impressing with His miraculous power but to have fellowship with them and teach them to grow in His knowledge.
As the deer pants for water, do we long for His presence and fellowship. (Psalms 42:1)