Determined to go after filth

“Ephraim is oppressed, crushed in judgment, because he was determined to go after filth.” (Hosea 5:11) Dog returns to vomit and pig returns to mire. (Proverbs 26:11: II Peter 2:22) Dogs and pigs are unclean animals for Jews.
Vomiting is preceded by nausea and caused by indigestion. Mostly, it comes out of small intestine, mixed with acid or bile. This is to protect the dog from getting poisoned. Regurgitation is food that is in food pipe unable to go down the digestive system, could be vomited. Dogs sometimes do that to feed the puppies. Pigs also like mire or mud than clean place. The reason according to experts that they could cool themselves and get rid of lice and other pests.
Peter compares these animals with people who had experience of repentance, forsaking sin, filth, wickedness, and filthiness. Yet after some time they go back to their old sinful life. Hosea writes that the Nation of Israel was determined to go after filth.
1) Decision of mind: The determination is not without thought. The Israelite knew what was right, good and holy. Yet, they did not value what is true and chose unrighteousness, untruth and wickedness.
2) Decision of will: It was not an innocent decision, but a deliberate decision. They had determined to put all the resources in their control to pursue evil or filth.
3) Decision of emotions: The Nation of Israel did not enjoy obeying the Law or were frustrated with the suffering they had to endure for the sake of truth and for the Lord. They preferred the ‘feel good’ factor over what is pleasing to the Lord.
4) Decision of community: The problem with the Nation of Israel, it was not only individuals, the whole community, in fact the Nation collectively went pursuing filth. Even prophetic voices were silenced or ignored. It became social evil and national wickedness; the Lord chose to judge his own people for their unfaithfulness.
Animals do foolish things because of habit or nature. However, if humans go after filth, it will invite judgement.

Do I choose holiness and righteousness all times?